Welcome at Café Stæhr

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We are pleased to have you as our guest and we will do anything that we can, to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Since we do not prepare your meal before you order, there might be a little waiting time if the café is busy.

The café first opened its doors in 2006 and we would really appreciate, if you could find the time to sign our guestbook. You are more than welcome to rate our café on Tripadvisor as well.

You will find our beverages in the other map on your table.

If you are in a hurry, we offer all our menus as take-away.
Welcome again, and if you have any questions please ask!sk!


1. Baguette with cheese, red and green peppers kr. 59
2. Butter croissant, full grain kr. 24
3. Danish pastry kr. 28


Yoghurt with fresh berries, scrambled eggs, bacon, smoked salmon with horse radish, pate with gherkin, cheese, olives, fresh fruits, homemade rye bread, and white bread. Tea or coffee is served with our brunch.

kr. 179

Scramble-eggs, bacon and rye bread

kr. 119


11. Shellfish salad 
Mixed salads, seashells, shrimps, crayfish, asparagus, squash, mushrooms, eggs, dill, homemade pesto and homemade Rhode Island dressing. Served with bread.

kr.  178
12. American salad
Mixed salads, spiced chicken, squash, pineapples, tomatoes, red and green peppers, mushrooms, grapes, homemade pesto and homemade curry dressing. Served with bread.
kr. 138


21. Shrimps
Baguette with spread, salads, shrimps, lemon, fresh dill.

kr. 139
22. Crayfish
Baguette with spread, crayfish, salads, lemon, served with homemade Rhode Island dressing.

kr.  129
23 Patè
Baguette with spread, salads, pate, gherkin, red and green peppers.
kr.   119


31. Shrimps and salmon
Crispy salads, salmon, our homemade shrimp dressing, eggs, tomatoes and fresh dill.

kr.  149
34. Chicken
Salads, spiced chicken, tomatoes and homemade curry dressing.
kr.    119


40. Cheese platter
Three different kinds of cheese served with olives and bread.

kr. 158
41. Homemade chicken salad
Our own homemade chicken and asparagus dressing served with full grain baguette.

kr. 109

Warm food for the cold weather

42. Homemade fish cakes with salad. (Danish speciality)
Two homemade fish cakes made of minced fish, shrimps and herb. Served with salad and homemade pesto.

kr. 139
43. Homemade fish cakes with rye bread. (Danish speciality)
Two homemade fish cakes made of minced fish, shrimps and herb. Served with rye bread and tartare sauce.

kr. 119
45. Warm shellfish pasta
With lobster sauce, shrimps and crayfish. Served with baguette.
kr. 138

Soup of the day

Nice homemade soup served with full grain bread.

kr. 79

Children only

Children sandwiches served with fruits
- Eggs and tomatoes.
- Banana
- Cheese
kr.  69


Kr. 49
All our pies are homemade and we do only use the best ingredients. All our pies are served with whipped cream or sour cream, Japanese cherries – physalis and fruits.
A scoop of ice cream + kr. 10

Choose between:
- Pear pie, served warm
- Apple pie, baked with marzipan, served warm
- Tosca pie, baked with marzipan and chocolate
- Raspberry pie, baked with marzipan and chocolate
- Chocolate cake, made of pure chocolate and a touch of brandy
- Nut cake (gluten free), made of hazelnuts with chocolate and roasted almonds

Feel free to come and take a look at the cakes and point out just the one that you want.  

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Mandag - Fredag kl. 10.00 - 17.30
Lørdag kl. 10.00 - 16.00
Søndag Lukket